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Full Dentures - When all you teeth are missing in one or both arches.

Frabricating Full dentures is very techinical as it is an art. Capturing the ideal impression is a very important step to a well fitting denture.

Full Dentures are created in 5 appointmentsFull Dentures

1st Appointment : First Impression, using a stock tray (one size fits all) is taken. An oral, head and neck examination is performed, along with a medical history.

2nd: Second impression, using a Custom tray. The tray is specifically made to fit the patients mouth. This ensures an exact detailed impression.

3rd: Measurements of the patient's face are recorded. Examples, lips when smiling, lips when resting, middle of the face, size of the nose and jaw relationships. Patient is also able to choose the color of their teeth, from Hollywood bleach white to a dark brown coffee addict stain. Teeth are an objective things, much like a person's hairstyle. Everyone has a different taste.

4th Appointment: We try the teeth in. You get to look at your teeth before they are made. A digital picture is taken and displayed on a 19'' monitor. This picture give a different perspective than the mirror. I don't make your teeth untill you tell me you like them.

5th: You get your teeth! All the hard work is done and you get to go home and use your new teeth. Most people will experience a few sore spots or notice small things they'd like changed after a few days of use. This will all be taken care of at no extra charge.

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